IKEA Fredde desk

Just a quick note:

I’ve bought one of these desks: an Ikea Fredde. They are great, quite sturdy.
But while on the IKEA site there is info regarding the outer dimensions of the desk, there is almost no info regarding the size of the bottom shelfs. So for helping you out there, these are the dimensions of those shelfs:

Width: 25cm
Depth: 47cm
Height on the point it meets the under the bar supporting the desk table: 47cm. Otherwise height 50cm.

So if thinking to put a large computer on one of those shelfs, forget it. I have a Cooler Master CM690 case, and it doesn’t fit. There isn’t enough space in depth and height and also no space at the back for the cables. A much smaller computer case will fit fine, if, at most, the depth size doesn’t exceed 40/43cm and it’s height is under 46cm.

32 thoughts on “IKEA Fredde desk

      1. Hello there:) I’m interested in this desk but there is another info that still missing. Could you tell me the size of the “hears” of the beast. I mean, the things supposed to receive speakers or hp on each side??

      2. Hi. Please just wait a few hours and I’ll get that information for you. I use those shelfs not on the outside, but on the inside one above the other. This configuration is also possible.

  1. For everyone who is facing a problem with fitting his desktop on Fredde lower shelf.
    I saw this topic when i wanted to buy Fredde and i got sad because i knew that i won’t fit my desktop there.
    Since i couldn’t find any other desk that would be half that awesome as Fredde decided to modify Fredde
    desk to fit Silentium GLadius X60 (height: 53cm)

    Now max height is: 59,5cm
    (from shelf to supporting bar)
    I was worrying about losing stability of this desk but it was unnecessary. The desk is stable as it was, there are no
    any bad side effects of this modification.

    You will need:

    drills for metal:
    3mm (to make precise point for bigger drills)
    5mm (to make a hole for a srew tap)
    8mm (to make an inside hole for a srew of supporting bar)
    12mm (to make an outside hole for a srew of supporting bar)

    Screw Tap
    & a M6 (6mm) hand screw tap (to make an internal thread for a shelf pin-screw, i bought mine for about 2,5€)

    Cordles Screwdriver

    Each shelf is installed on 4 pin-screws to the desk legs (2 for each leg) and one additinal screw that connects
    shelf with the supporting bar which is located on the back of the desk.

    The distance between two pin-screws on each leg is 12,9cm so you have to make an additional hole with internal thread
    12,9cm lower then the lowest hole for each leg & additinal holes for a screw of supporting bar on the back.
    This will give you additional 12,9cm of space for your desktop.
    If you don’t want to get any scratches on desk legs clean all of the rapings after each hole you made.
    Please see IKEA’s manual for fredde and you will see what i am talking about πŸ˜‰

    Keywords for google: fredde measurements height will it fit fitting maximum desktop shelf

    1. Wow! Thank for your great input. It’s a great desk and now with your input it can help others to see if it fits for them.

  2. Can one of the under-table shelf be removed to place a CPU on the floor? Will stability be much affected that way?

  3. Thanks for taking the time to post this – now I know that my computer fits the shelf at least.

    My next worry is whether or not my monitor will fit without removing the upper shelf. Could I possibly bother you to do some more measuring? πŸ˜‰

    I’ve got a 34″ LG monitor which have the dimensions of (w x h x d) 83cm x 47cm x 18cm. Clearly the Fredde is wide enough – but it would be great if the upper shelf didn’t have to be removed, handy place to keep manuals etc.

    Cheers, Mike

    1. I’m using both the lower shelf at the lowest position possible (so that I can tuck the keyboard underneath the monitors) and the top shelf at the highest position.
      In this case there is a 50cm clearance without any issues, 53/54cm if pushing it.

      If removing the bottom shelf, keeping only the main desk top and the top shelf there is at leas a 60cm clearance without any issues, and around 63/64 pushing it. I mean pushing it where the monitor top might be under the front “bar” of the top shelf. But that doesn’t bring as far as I can see any visibility issues.

      So if the height of your monitor is only 47cm, it will fit without any issues with the bottom and top shelf in their places.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Thanks for taking the time to check this out and getting back to me – really appreciated!

        Shame that they don’t publish measurements on their site – but now at least I know that the trip will be successful. Not only in a full platter of meatballs way either. πŸ˜‰

        Once again – many thanks for this!

        // Mike

      2. No problem. Glad I was able to help .I’ve also had to do some trips to my local IKEA to gather all the required measures, and at the end my desktop case didn’t fit :). I have my computer case on the Ikea Summera holder, and it combines fine with the Fredde desk.

      3. Sweet – might have a look at that one too.

        Was going to have a look at the cable management stuff too.

  4. Thanks for providing these precious dimensions on your blog, it really helps. I’m sorry to bother you any more regarding the desk, seeing how the post is now more than a year old, but if you don’t mind, could you please also measure the thickness of the main desk top? I’m wondering if it’s some dubious 18 mm or maybe something nicer, like 3 cm or more.
    What I mean is that the whole thing is quite wide, so it would be beneficial for the desk to be as thick as possible to avoid any bending and other issues.
    Thank you.

    1. No worry in bothering me πŸ™‚

      The main desktop is 18mm thickness, but don’t worry. Under the main desktop there is a metal bar across it on the main loading area connecting the front feet, and the desktop rests over this metal bar, so it won’t bend even if you put something heavy on it.

      1. That was quick! Thanks for getting back to me.
        The 18 mm seems not much to me, but if there’s that metal bar (or is it two parallel bars on both sides?) you’re saying there is, then maybe it will be fine. I guess ultimately I’ll be forced to visit an IKEA store in person to have a better look at this whole workstation. It looks like it’s the only way to tell whether it’s the thing I’m looking for.
        I would have already done that if not for the fact that the nearest store is 200 km away from where I live.

        Regards, Michael

  5. Hi! Thanks for the great information, I’ve been thinking about buying a Fredde desk and this has helped me greatly. There’s still one thing I’d like to know if possible. How much space is there between the desktop and the lower shelf with the shelf at its lowest position?

  6. Hi, and again as the others have said; thanks for taking the time to provide these dimensions for us. I have read through the thread and don’t think i’ve seen the dimensions for the “monitor” shelf, i.e. the lower shelf that sits above the desk top (hope that makes sense). Could you please let me know what it’s depth is, i have a predator x34 and it has quite a deep stand and i’d like to know if it will fit on this shelf before i pull the trigger on one of these desks. Cheers.

    1. Hi, I’ll have to check it. Sorry for the waiting πŸ™‚ Anyway the dimensions are the same as the top shelf , but I’ll get the correct dimensions.

    2. Hi:

      The measures for the shelf(s):

      Depth: 28cm
      Lenght: 135cm

      If the desk is completely leaning to a wall, the shelf has a 2cm gap behind.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Would you mind measuring the floor to the bottom of the desktop? Can’t seem to find anywhere with that dimension.

      2. From the floor to the bottom of the main work desk. Trying to narrow down the chairs that will fit underneath.

  7. I know this thread is really old, but I’d like to know what the measurement is from under the desk to the desk itself?

    I’m also not sure if I can fit my full midi keyboard (about 15cm height) under the lower shelf, as well as my 27″ monitor with it’s stand (about 45cm in height) ontop of the lower shelf.. Please help me figure out if htis is at all possible..

  8. Hi, I took some measurements, if it fits it will be a very close fit. I think the monitor will fit if the lower shelf isn’t in the lowest position but exactly on the following position above it. Maybe without a stand, and using other means of holding the monitor will solve the issue. Regarding the keyboard, I’ve measured and I have doubts that it will fit with the shelf on that position.

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