Portuguese Steam Engine train at the Douro

One of my favourite shows at the Travel Channel is the one named “The Great Scenic Railways Journeys”. North America has a lot of private and volunteer steam engines trains that are a tourist attraction, and at the same time, keep it’s pre-industrial and industrial history. And this on two countries that have at most 250 years of “modern” history.

Portugal despite it’s huge 1000 year history and contribution to the global world history is famous for  forgetting and letting rot it’s assets…

So it’s good to see, again this year, an old steam engine train on one of the more beautiful rail-roads in Europe and across the OPorto wine region is back in action:

If your in Oporto area this year, don’t miss it: Every Saturday until the 1st of October.

Amalia today – Fado taken to a new level

I’m not a big fan of Fado, despite being PT… :, but there are great musics and singers of this Portuguese musical genre.

Anyway, sometimes something appears that rocks your world:

Fernando Ribeiro of  Moonspell (yeahh!), the lead singer of the most famous death metal, gothic metal portuguese band and two elements of the The Gift band (Electronic,Pop), the vocal singer Sónia Tavares and Nuno Gonçalves joined and produced an amazing tribute to Amalia the most world wide known Fado Singer.

It blows you away:

And if you never heard of Moonspell:

And Gift:

Cool? 🙂

Portuguese Wines

Portugal produces a lot of excelent quality wine, which some of them even won international award in blind contests against wine super powers like France and Italy.

Because they are so unknow from the majority of the world some of them come quite as a shock (in positive terms) when some one visits our country and tastes them.

Most people only knows Port Wine which is a fortified wine to be drank as an aperitif and Mateus Rose that is a light rose wine good for fish and shellfish.

But these wines are mearly a drop of the ocean. If you like strong wines in terms of taste try the DAO region but make sure that you let the wine breathe before serving at least 10m at room temperature. Meat and cheese are the perfect companies for these wines.

On the other hand the ALENTEJO region wines are softer more delicate but an excelent quality wines, easier to drink and taste, but all depends on what you are looking for.