Firefox Open Download Directory Action on KDE/KUbuntu

I had a bit of a strange issue with FireFox and Kde 4.7 on Kubuntu 11.X.

After downloading a file with Firefox, on the Dowloads Firefox windows, right clicking the downloaded file for the Open Download Directory action, instead of opening the Dolphin File Manager, it opened the KdeSVN application… Very, very annoying.

To solve this you need to reconfigure KDE, probably due to the fact that KDESvn was installed:

1) Goto System Settings
2) Select Default Applications
3) Select FileManagers
4) Deselect and select Dolphin
5) Apply
6) Restart Firefox

It should work now.

Firefox opens PDF’s files with GIMP

One annoying issue that I had for some time, was that after downloading a PDF file, double clicking on the filename in the FireFox Downloads window, open up GIMP, instead of Acrobat or Okular…

To solve the issue:

1) Get root: sudo -s
2) Goto /usr/share/applications
3) Edit the mimeinfo.cache file
4) Search for pdf
5) Find a line named something like: application/pdf
6) Remove the gimp.desktop from the line, keeping the other applications, or not
7) Save
8) Restart firefox
10) Problem solved

Firefox and Dropbox syncronization for Bookmarks and Passwords

EDIT: Mozilla Weave is OK now and I fully use it. No hacks anymore, so the rest of this post is here for historical reasons: Just use Mozilla Weave.

After upgrading from Mozilla FireFox 3.0 to 3.5 I tried Mozilla Weave for syncing my bookmarks and passwords in all my computers. I was using version 0.8 (1.0b1 is out now), but despite working more or less, most of my bookmarks where misplaced, put out of order, moved to unsorted bookmarks… a mess. Tiding up the bookmarks on one browser doesn’t mean that it would be ok on another, so after only 5 days of use, I thought that there is probably a better solution, and I found it.

The solution is to use Dropbox, the FireFox Addon SyncPlaces: for synchronizing bookmarks and passwords. It works as it should. It doesn’t mess with Bookmarks, the order is kept, Icons are kept, and passwords are synchronized without any issue.

So, what are the steps:

– Install Dropbox and create an account.

– Install the Syncplaces add-on for Firefox

– Create a directory for storing Firefox information on your Dropbox folder, for example: mkdir ~/Dropbox/Firefox

– On your Firefox menu, goto Bookmarks->Syncplaces->options

– Select the Server tab and then select on the Connection sub-tab, the protocol File

– Select now the Syncronization tab, and define the path for the files: prefix the suggested name with /home/primalcortex/Dropbox/Firefox. So it should look like

JSON PATH: /home/primalcortex/Dropbox/Firefox/syncplaces.json

If you want, you can output also in HTML and XBEL format. Use the same path for the files.

– For synchronizing passwords select the check-box passwords, and input a strong password. The password path is like the previous ones: /home/primalcortex/Dropbox/Firefox/passwords

You’re set. So down on the FireFox status bar, there is now an icon with a blue and red lines/circles, right click on it and select Send Bookmarks/passwords. Make sure that on the Dropbox Firefox folder files where created. Now DropBox synchronizes these files into the “cloud”, and they are available to your other Dropbox computers.

On the other computers, just repeat the configuration process (Install Dropbox, SyncPlaces, same configuration) but this time select on those computers on the SyncPlaces icon, the Receive Bookmarks/passwords option. (Make sure that you use the same password for the password export/impor feature in all computers).

Voilá, full no fuss workable synchronization! You just decide now which is the master machine, if you want to, namely by tweaking the merge options of the Syncplaces Addon. Also to avoid bookmarks duplication, I recommend that the BookmarkDD addon at be installed and set not to do pop-ups when duplicated bookmarks are found. This way, during import, no duplicate bookmarks are imported.

Now you can automate the synchronization process by just configuring Syncplaces to synchronize at a specific time, or periodically/automatically and your set.

The cloud: Firefox bookmarks sync

Using Firefox at home, at work, and having several computers that I use, syncing all the bookmarks started to get to be a large problem…

So after upgrading to version 3.5 of Firefox, Mozilla Weave Is a good solution, mainly because of two things:

– You can synchronize all your data across computers, including passwords

– You can deploy and use your own Weave server, which solves the lingering question about the privacy of my data:

Anyway, after a few days of use, synchronization is not always without any problems. It works, but some times, I get duplicated folders, and bookmarks that I have to delete by hand… Not good. I’ll try to use it a bit more, to see if this is due to the number of computers and bookmarks that I have. One neat solution for finding duplicated bookmarks is the bookmarkDD plugin at

If these issues keep going I’ll have to try Google Toolbar…

Kubuntu and Firefox looks: It looks bad

As I’m fully installing my new computer from scratch with Kubuntu 8.10 64bit, some things aren’t quite right.

One of the most annoying is that Firefox on Kunbuntu doesn’t look very good… 😦

The radio buttons for example look belong to a different complete theme than Firefox. Not good.

The solution?

sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-qtcurve gtk-chtheme

Then goto System Settings, select Apearance and then GTK Styles and Fonts. On GTK styles choose to use another style. On the dropdown box you should have now QT4, QTCurve and Raleigh.

Choose QTCurve.

Restart Firefox, and pronto/listo/voilá!

[K]Ubuntu and Netbeans 6.1 with Firefox 3.0

One annoying things that took some time to solve was that on the Start page of Netbeans there are URL’s to several articles, blog posts and so one, but every time I’ve pressed one of the it say’s that it could not execute Firefox.

I’ve checked the path, permissions, and so on but with no solution.

Well the issue is quite simple:

Goto Netbeans Tools menu and select the last option Options. It should start on the general tab where you select the browser you which to use.

Select Edit and on the arguments for Firefox remove whats there: -remote “openURL({URL})” and just keep the {URL} nothing else.

Save, close and it should work.

Now back to work…

Kubuntu and Firefox download manager

One of the problems that I had with FireFox ( on Kubuntu was that on the download manager window, neither “Open” or “Open Container folder” worked. I clicked and clicked and nothing happened. A lot of people complains about this issue on the Firefox bug tracker database, where it seems that this issue only happens with 32bit version on Firefox. Bummer for my computer to be 6 years old… 🙂 (And it runs Linux!)

As usual Google helped me to find a solution, but with one caveat: The icons on the left side of the bookmarks are lost or changed to the same icon (In this case Konqueror).

What I did was:

1) On the address toolbar write the following: about:config

2) Right click on the page and choose new->string

3) Write the following value:

4) After pressing Ok, double click on the new entry and write: /usr/bin/konqueror

Now try it. It should work now.