Visio alternative for Linux

We really know that Visio for Linux will never be a reality, and so all we have right now is some tools, that from usability point of view or features, are limited: DIA and Kivio 1.6

The new version of Kivio, in the foreseen future on the Calligra suite, is being worked on, and might be a reality, but with unknown stencils/icons.

I’m not the only one, that for work reasons, has this need, as this post on Reddit shows:

There are here great alternatives, some free, some limited, that can be used to make at least good looking diagrams without resorting to a virtual machine running Windows and Visio:




(K)Ubuntu and Visio Clone (Part II)

I’ve tried DIA to make some network/deployment architectures graphics.

My impressions:

– I took me a while to understand how I add elements (in my case network elements) to the canvas.

– DIA works with the concept of layers, so if you want to put something in front of other object you must create a new layer, cut the object, change the layer and paste it.

– Linking objects works ok, but only on the same layer.

– After the drawing is made you can’t copy it and paste it on an OpenOffice document.

SO, as a standalone product, it’s good, despite the issue of layers depicted above. It means you must think your drawings a bit ahead, and if you want to make changes it can get quite complicated.