I’m an Information Technology professional living in Lisbon, Portugal.

I use this blog just to document stuff I do in my spare time.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I am enjoying your blog regarding Odroids and node red. I have recently bought an Odroid C2 and am trying to find a node red node for Odroid C2 GPIO. I cannot seem to find any! I have installed node-red-contrib-gpio and johnny five but neither of these list the odroid in their list of boards. Have you any ideas? I have put a message up on the odroid forum but no-one has replied as of yet.

    1. Hi: Sorry have no idea. I’m just using the Odroid as the server, not to drive out GPIO since I might burn something. To do that I’m using arduinos connected to the serial port. Much safer 🙂

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