Simple Dashboard for HomeLab

I’ve found by chance a great source for alternative software for common applications on Reddit: Self Hosted. It’s a “sub” where people discuss, ask or report alternatives to things like Dropbox, online editors, and so on.

One of the posts that caught my attention was a discussion of Simple Dashboards for things like basic URL links to access common applications and so on. Nothing fancy.

Still the basic dashboard is very useful, it allowed me to centralize all links and information on a web page without depending on my browser bookmarks, avoiding the need to sync all the bookmarks across all devices.

Anyway, one of the striking examples is this one: Dashboard example. The discussion is here.

Another example is on this post: Quick Dashboard from where I used the code at with a mix of the above JsFiddle example for weather data.

So, some fiddling around HTML code is needed, but a simple and effective dashboard can be set on a web server running on Rpi, for example (mine is running on Odroid C1+), to centralize links, information and what ever our imagination allows to, on a web page. As I said, nothing revolutionary here 🙂

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