Barometric and Temperature Sensor BMP180

Since I’m doing some experiments with my OpenWeatherMap LUA based client on the ESP8266 running the Nodemcu firmware, I’ve bought a BMP180 sensor.

The thing is that even starting with 30K of free heap on the Nodemcu firmware it is almost impossible to run all the code for querying OpenWeatherMap Json interface, driving the 16×02 LCD AND also using the bmp180 sensor for local data.

Anyway, this post isn’t about this, but to one simple thing: The bmp180 values for pressure where OK around the 1000s, but the temperature was completely bonkers… Negative values, high positive values. The issue? Simple, the SDA and SCL line where swapped…

So if using the bmp180 LUA libraries that are available and seem to work for everybody except you, and me ( 🙂 ), check and double check the connections.

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