Arduino and H-Bridge ebay drivers

So I’m building a small 4WD robot, and bought two types of H-Bridge chips for controlling the DC motors. The robot has those standard yellow DC motors that are available at ebay, four of them total.

The H-Bridge drivers that I’ve bought are based on the L9110s/HG7881 chip, and the more potent L298N H-Bridge chip, both of the bought at eBay (one pair each).

To keep the post short, don’t waste your money on the L9110s/HG7881 chip for driving your robot motors. While the maximum current for the DC motors would be 200mA, a grand total of 400mA (two motors) for a 800mA per channel rated L9110s chip, the chip it just burned out under the load. Magic blue smoke indeed. While the L298n chip just went along, but it has a higher power rating also. The L9110s both burned the same channel, at different times, probably due to some variations of motor load.

The L9110s is probably fine for driving static motors, that bear no load, but for anything else I have my doubts.

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