Jumpy Logitech M305 wireless mouse

I’ve bought two of these Logitech M305 wireless mouse. One for my desktop and one for my work laptop.

So far so good, but recently my desktop mouse behaviour started to get “jumpy” which was pretty annoying and made the mouse almost useless. Disconnecting and reconnecting the receiver on the usb port of the back of my computer didn’t solve the issue, or turning off and on the mouse.

Rebooting seemed to solve the issue, but after a while the issue was back again, so I was wondering if it was something on the hardware/software side.

But the last time it happened I tried to debug a bit more.

To make a long story short. I had another M305 mouse and that mouse worked fine, but only when the receiver was on my desk a few centimetres away from the mouse connected to an extension USB cable NOT at the back of the computer.

So I’ve picked up the original troubled mouse receiver and put it in the extension USB cable, and voilá. It worked perfectly.

So if you have this issue try first to move closer the mouse and the receiver to see if it helps.

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