Synology, MySQL and PHPMyAdmin

One of the packages available for installation on the Synology NAS is the PHPMyAdmin application that allows to use the web to administer the embed MySQL.
The problem with this is that the PHPMyAdmin will also available on the root web server of the Web Station package, and if this package is exposed to the internet, then PHPMyAdmin application will also be exposed… a big no-no security wise…

My quick solution is not to install this PHPMyAdmin package, and since I seldom access the MySql package, a better alternative, yet not “light” is to use the Desktop Application MySQLWorkbench: to access and administer your databases.

2 thoughts on “Synology, MySQL and PHPMyAdmin

    1. Hi:

      It might be possible, yet I’ve never tried. I do use extensively Jboss in my work.

      The first thing is to install Java on the NAS. I’ve used this:

      I’ve tried with Jboss 5.1.0GA but it won’t boot probably due to the fact that I have Java 7 installed.

      Mind you that the NAS memory is low. I do have a 212+ that has 512MB of Ram, but other models have much less, and some have only 1GB.

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