DavMail crashes at startup

DavMail (http://davmail.sourceforge.net/) is a great program that allows access to an Exchange Server through it’s web interface (OWA, EWS) and presenting interface based on the standard LDAP, caldav, IMAP and SMTP protocols.

Most people complains that DavMail crashes at startup, and get stuck in there.
The fact is that DavMail crashes because of log4j missing log directory that is needed fo writing the program logs…

Start DavMail but providing a name for a configuration file: ./davmail.sh myconfig
Let it crash…
Edit the myconfig file and look for the entry named davmail.logFilePath=
Make sure that a path is defined: davmail.logFilePath=/tmp
Make sure that there isn’t a trailing slash at the end… /tmp/ is invalid
Restart davmail: ./davmail.sh myconfig



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