Panasonic Viera G30 and AVCHD files

Just bought a few weeks ago a Panasonic Viera G30, european model. The image quality is superb for SD (standard definition) and on HD it is just breathtaking, far superior, in my opinion to the LED and LCD competition at half the price.
Anyway, I own a lot of AVCHD files produced by my Canon Vixia HF200, and the Panasonic can happily read the camera SD card on it’s own SD card slot and even on it’s USB port trough an external card reader. I really never saw these files on an HD TV set, albeit I’ve saw some of them on a friends Sony LCD TV (model KDL4000, I think, not sure) through a WDTV player. I wasn’t amazed of the image quality on this TV..
Well on the G30, the AVCHD files just look fantastic, showing perfect near cinema quality and playing smooth without any hiccups or any flaw.
But there’s a catch. Panasonic Viera can only play AVCHD files with it’s own media player if they are inside a Blue-Ray file structure. Standalone MTS files are not played.

This means that I have a problem, being it that my all AVCHD video library of standalone files cannot be played directly on Viera without first packing them into a BD file structure, much like the folders and files that are on the SDHC camera card…

Creating the file structure on an external hardisk and copying all files to the STREAM sub-folder is not enough, because the G30 will try to read the playlist file .MPL.
So it isn’t just enough to copy the files to a “pre-prepared” hard disk, a correct MPL file must be generated.
So far the only tool that I know that can do that is the multiAVCHD program, only available for windows, but runs fine on Linux, through WINE.
The problem with this tool, in my case, is that will build a complete BD file structure by copying the MTS files and then generating the MPL file… A waste of time.
So if anyone knows a tool that given a list of MTS files, generates a MPL file, and runs on Linux, give me a bip to check it out.

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