Glassfish Server quick start guide

There is a lot of documentation to read/browse to get what it’s needed to star using Glassfish Server for development…. Let’s do this in a QUICK way 🙂

So, this is for the Glassfish server that is installed with Netbeans 6.9.1 and on Windows. For Linux the only thing that changes is the start-up procedure.

To start the default domain:

1) Goto the install Glassfish directory /bin

2) asadmin start-domain domain1   -> this will start the default installed domain named domain1

To access the Administration Console.

1) Point your browser to: http://localhost:4848/login.jsf or http://server_name:4848/login.jsf

If by any chance you forget to put the login.jsp page an error creeps up: The requested resource (/common/index.jsf not found) is not available when trying to access the Glassfish Administration console. You have to specify the login.jsp page to make it work.

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