BASE64 support for KDE Kate editor

When working with BASE64 encoded content, namely XADES-B/T digital signatures, Notepad++ allows easily to encode and decode from XML to BASE64 and vice-versa.

But being a KDE user, the only way that I could do the same was using command line tool base64 to encode and decode, because KDE Kate editor didn’t had the support for BASE64.

Not a problem any more: I’ve posted a Kate Script that allows to do BASE64 encoding and decoding right inside KDE Kate editor:

This script is possible do to the fact that KDE Kate editor is extensible by plugins or scripts:

In my case, I used JS scripting and it works fine.

So how do I use it? Well follow the installation instructions that are valid for Kubuntu 10.10, and probably valid for other installations. Then the new functions can be called directly from Kate’s command line(Just press F7) and write b64 and the suggested functions should be offered, namely b64encode, b64decode and two other helper functions.

Also on the latest Kate/KDE version, 4.6, these new functions appear on the Tools->Script menu.


One thought on “BASE64 support for KDE Kate editor

  1. Thank you very much for doing this – I had exactly the same problem of moving from Notepad++ on Windows to a Linux desktop, and this scratches my itch perfectly.

    Darren Hague

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