Korganizer and Google Calendar on Kubuntu 9.10

These are the simplest instructions for making Kmail/Korganizer to syncronize with Google Calendar.

What we will achieve with this setup: Two things:

  • Events created online on the Goggle Calendar will appear on your Korganizer interface
  • Events that you create on Korganizer associated to the Google Calendar provider will appear online on Google Calendar Web site


I’m running Kubuntu 9.10 with the latest KDE 4.4 release available from the backports.

First, install the akonadi-kde-resources-googledata: sudo apt-get install akonadi-kde-resource-googledata

Then we need start the Akonadi Configuration application:  ALT-F2 to show the run window, and the write akonadi and then the suggested akonadi configuration command  should appear. Another way, is to open a shell session and run akonaditray and a blue globe sould appear on the System Tray. Right click and select configure.

On the configuration Window, select ADD.

You should have the Akonadi Google Calendar Resource and Google Contact Resource. If these resources do not appear, you need to restart Akonadi, just go to the other tab Akonadi Server Configuration and hit the restart button.

Add these sources to your list of  Akonadi Resources, and make sure that you configure your username and password correctly. A green icon next to the resource will show that connection to Google is active. Right after the setting of your username and password, a rapid text message will show the synchronization process is going on.

Next we will need to configure Korganizer.

Open it up and make sure that you can see the window Calendars: The next screenshot already shows the configured calendar sources:

Press the green plus button, and select Akonadi.

On this window you can now add the sources that where configured previously on the akonadi configuration console. Give it a good name. In my case it’s Akonadi Resources, but if the only source is only the Google Calendar data, then a name like Google Calendar is good. This is because it will simplify the context menu for copying and moving, just like Copy -> Google Calendar instead of Copy -> Akonadi Resources like my case.

Add to this Akonadi Resource all the sources that you want to appear on Korganizer, namely the Google Calendar.

Press Ok, and that’s it.

All your Google Calendar Data should appear on your Korganizer.

For making an event from Korganizer  to appear on Gcal, just right click it and  select Copy or Move to the Akonadi Resource. then select the Google Calendar provider.

Thats’ it.

What we can do now:

Two things: Synchronize one way only the MS-Exchange Calendar with Korganizer. A nice solution is here: http://movingparts.net/2007/04/17/syncing-exchange-calendar-1-way-into-korganizerkontact/

Then (!) you can copy these events to Google Calendar… Cool

The other thing is to use OpenSync with akonadi to sync your mobile phone with Korganizer, but so far I haven’t try this.

3 thoughts on “Korganizer and Google Calendar on Kubuntu 9.10

  1. Thanks for the post. One correction, though. It’s “akonadi-kde-resource-googledata”. “resource” is not plural.

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