The cloud: Firefox bookmarks sync

Using Firefox at home, at work, and having several computers that I use, syncing all the bookmarks started to get to be a large problem…

So after upgrading to version 3.5 of Firefox, Mozilla Weave Is a good solution, mainly because of two things:

– You can synchronize all your data across computers, including passwords

– You can deploy and use your own Weave server, which solves the lingering question about the privacy of my data:

Anyway, after a few days of use, synchronization is not always without any problems. It works, but some times, I get duplicated folders, and bookmarks that I have to delete by hand… Not good. I’ll try to use it a bit more, to see if this is due to the number of computers and bookmarks that I have. One neat solution for finding duplicated bookmarks is the bookmarkDD plugin at

If these issues keep going I’ll have to try Google Toolbar…

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