Kubuntu 8.10 64 bit install

I’ve replaced my aging P4 1.8Ghz computer with a brand new I7 920 one… The old machine couldn’t even ran Kubuntu very well do to the Nvidia G400mx graphic board/driver issues. It just locked up the keyboard and mouse when using the restricted driver and had to do an hard reset to get out. So because my portable PC is an ATI graphic chip, I’ve choosen for the new rig an ati 4870 graphics card

So, I7 920 running on an Asus P6T with 6GB of RAM. This means 64 bit OS.The graphics board is an Gainward 4870.

Installation: Could only do it by using safe mode for graphics. Just after choosing the install language, press F4 to choose Safe mode, and you’re ready to go. If you do no choose the safe mode, after boot the screen just stays blank.

I  boot to the live CD and press on the Install icon on the desktop. This way allows me to surf the web during the installation … 🙂

I’ve created three partitions: one for / (root), other for /boot another one for swap. So far so good. At the end before beginning installation I choose advanced and move the Grub boot loader to disk (hd1). hd0 is not my boot disk. The order of boot is definied in Bios. Just make sure that it makes sense on your installation.

The installation detected everything on my Asus P6T. This means that sound is working, ethernet is working and usb is working.

After sucessufull installation and one reboot, two things must be done:Install the ATI drivers, and upgrade all packages to the current releases.

1st) Upgrade. Just follow the ballon that will appear on the right low side of the screen and upgrade to the latest package releases.

2nd) Upgrade to KDE 4.2.2. Follow the instructions on http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2.2. At the end of step 3, just press CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE or logout, so that Adept can show you the new updates for KDE. Upgrade KDE and then logout and login again.

3rd) Install the 64 bit ATI drivers. Just follow the instructions. Download, make sure that the driver is executable (chmod +x ati-driver-installer-9-3-x86.x86_64.run in my case) and run it with sudo: sudo ati-driver-installer-9-3-x86.x86_64.run. At the end just make again CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE so that the X server reloads.

Execute the comand fglrxinfo to make sure that the driver is loaded:

display: :0.0  screen: 0
OpenGL vendor string: ATI Technologies Inc.
OpenGL renderer string: ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series
OpenGL version string: 2.1.8543 Release

The Ati control Panel can be acessed by the  amdcccle command located on /usr/share/ati
Now you can install your favorite software. In my case the first thing that I’ve installed was firefox and the Adobe Flash player plugin. Then I’ve moved my profile from my old system to the new system.

You can after this upgrade the Open Office 2.4 to the latest version by adding the Ooo repository: Just check this: http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-To-Install-OpenOffice-org-3-0-in-Ubuntu-8-10-96449.shtml

For starters, that’s it. You can now follow the Perfect desktop installs from howtoforge.


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