VMware machines – Extending disk size and boot to bios

To extend a virtual machine disk size, you have to follow this simple steps:

1) Make sure that all snapshots are deleted.

2) Take note of the filename which the disk you want to extend is using

3) Got to a command session (DOS or BASH), and execute the command: vmware-vdiskmanager -x 10Gb diskfile.vmdk where 10Gb is the new disk size. change it to the value that you want.

4) Let it run.

At the end you need to extend the partition so the operating system knows about the new space. If you don’t do this you need to create a new drive/mount point on the operating system.

Just donwload the latest ISO for Gparted live image, and make sure that the Vmware machine CD-Drive boots with this ISO.

Now you need to boot the VMware machine, but using the CD. The problem is normally the BIOS boot screen is too fast to stop and select the CD-ROM as the boot device.

You can do it in two different ways:

1) Add the following line to the machine VMX file at the end, so you can delete it later:  bios.bootDelay = “5000” This will delay the boot long enough so you can press ESCape and choose the CD as the boot device

2) Second you can boot directly to bios by adding the key:  bios.forceSetupOnce = "TRUE"

On this last option after booting the key will revert to false, and so the next boot will be normal.

After booting into Gparted, just increase the size of the partition, and don’t forget to choose apply.

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