Kmail and duplicated messages..

I’m using KMail to connect to my Corporate Exchange server using the IMAP protocol. So far so good, but after fiddling a bit with KMail I started to have a lot of duplicated messages on my IMAP folders. Pretty annoying…

I’ve found out that this is a long standing bug and it’s related with spam filtering.

So the solution? Well goto Settings->Configure Filters and select the Bogofilter Advanced tab. Remove the check box on the option “Apply this filter to incoming messages”

If you want do it to all filters and enable one by one to see which one is the culprit…

At least in my configuration, the ClamAv filter does not produce the problem.

Also because my mail gateway based on Ubuntu LTS with Spamassassing is already doing spam filtering I can leave bogofilter off without any problem…

Update: Any filter that is on produces the issue, including ClamAV…


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