Moving from windows to Kubuntu on a business work computer – Part I

I’m moving my work laptop to Kubuntu leaving Windows behind. Despite my company having Microsoft licensing for all computers and for a lot of products, I’m jumping out of the bandwagon…

The computer is an HP nx9420 with and 100G SATA hard disk, and so far so good, everything looks to work fine, including Wireless, Bluetooth, except the integrated smartcard reader. But this can be a problem on the OpenCT software, not on Kubuntu Hard Heron 8.04 release. Using the Gemplus USB reader works perfectly.

Evolution for connecting to exchange does work, but it has some stability issues and some quirks that I find annoying… but otherwise it can replace Outlook without any problem, and have at the same time email accounts open like Gmail, and other IMAP mail accounts. An annoying thing is it can’t remember already used e-mail addresses, or looking at the Personal directory if your using the Global catalog server for finding emails so you have to type them if they are not on your GC. I must look for a solution to this.

VMWare server and VMware converter allows to run some software that I really need and has no counter part on Linux World, like Visio and the proprietary software that my company works with.

Also 2X Application server allows you to run Windows applications directly on your Linux Desktop, so you don’t even need to use the VMWare console to work!. And it’s free for 5 connections after the 30 day trial period.

I’ll get back later on this

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