Kubuntu behind a proxy server

I’m moving my work computer to Kubuntu, and hit a snag right away… My corporate network has, of course, a proxy server to access the internet. Well setting up on the Network preferences of KDE the network proxy doesn’t work for alot, and I mean alot, of applications, like Adept Manager, Kopet at least. (Well it seems also that kopet doesn’t work through proxys, so I’m using pidgin, and that one has it’s own proxy configuration)

I had to go to a shell session, set up the http_proxy and ftp_proxy variables and start up those applications through command line. C’mon guys! Can we get at least this so simple issue to work????

2 thoughts on “Kubuntu behind a proxy server

  1. Very Simple solution to your issue, well at least for Ubuntu Server (cmdline)
    Add the following function to your /etc/bash.bashrc file (need sudo to edit and save)
    This allows a TEMP proxy access for the duration of your login.
    Add the lines below.. log out and back in
    then if you want to update su -i you user or as root (not advised by Linux community) the type proxy fillin the details. the function completes the export http and ftp sections and now you have access to the outside world.

    I can’t remember who to give credit to for the original code but kudos to them. I have updated it slightly


    NB my proxy prot is 8080 so you’ll need to amend this for your environment.

    # added
    # this section is run by typing proxy at the cmd line prompt.
    # proxy

    function proxy(){
    echo -n “proxyserver:”
    read -e proxyserver
    echo -n “domain:”
    read -e domain
    echo -n “username:”
    read -e username
    echo -n “password:”
    read -e password
    export http_proxy=.http://$domain\\$username:$password@$proxyserver:8080/.
    export ftp_proxy=.http://$domain\\$username:$password@$proxyserver:8080/.
    echo -e .\Proxy environment variable set until you log out when it will be reset to null again..


    1. Thanks.

      Anyway I’ve solved the issue more or less as you described, just be defining the environment variables http_proxy and ftp_proxy globally and on the Kde Proxy Settings, told it to use the predefined environments.

      Anyway, I’ve filled a bur/request to the kde team/network manager team, that associated to a network configuration, a proxy server configuration should/could be attached.

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