Wireless down the drain…

I had to move my home computer from a location where it was connect through ethernet to the SMC 7904WBRA router to a location that made me use the wireless connection through the EZ Usb dongle… To make a long story short, to have a stable connection I had to configure the router to use the B protocol (11MBps) instead of the 54MBps protocol. Then it would connect when it wanted, and some times, wouldn’t connect at all. That’s it. So I’ll only use wireless sporadic for my work laptop…

To solve this, what I’ve done was to buy a Powerline kit NetGear XETB1001 with two powerline XE103 devices. After some configuration it worked out of the box directly without any issues, after they are connected directly to the wall socket, not through a power cord extension!!!! Between the router and my PC I have a rock stead 35MBps connection (not the 85MBps, but I did know that…) and it works, works, works. (Edit: These burnt out after a while, rendering them dead. Just bought a Devolo to replace them)

So bye bye wireless!

Note: Wireless is become even in my work office unstable, and it is a security risk. It isn’t worth the trouble.

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