Linux (K)Ubuntu and OpenOffice Visio clone…

THAT’s what I’m missing…

A good application for network diagrams on Linux, something like the Detailed Network stencil on Visio. (Edit: I do mean the detailed network base diagram that has several stencils for drawing detailed networks).

Kivio is ok, for flowcharting, but the available (to be bought) stencils… humm, I think not.

2 thoughts on “Linux (K)Ubuntu and OpenOffice Visio clone…

  1. Hi! For drawing networks there are several stencils (each stencil is a bunch of network equipment icons). The Detailed Network diagram uses several stencils where much of today’s equipment are.

    Things that are missing are SAN’s, Optical Jukebox’s as far as I can remember.

    So sorry for misleading you, there is no “Detailed Network” stencil, but template.

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